Walter A. Muharsky

Professional Qualifications

Walter has been a computer programmer since 1984 and has constantly upgraded his knowledge and education in computer programming skills.

In Addition, Walter has been a commercial pilot since age 19 and has accumulated thousands of hours of flight time in many types of aircraft  from single engine piston aircraft to Learjet's to helicopters.   Walter has served as an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner for over 25 years conducting FAA Practical Tests from Private Pilot Exams through Airline Transport Pilot Exams to include Learjet and Cessna Citation Type Ratings.   Walter also distinguished himself by graduating first in his class in both academics and flight proficiency while an aviation cadet in The United States Army Fixed Wing Aviator Class 69-7 at Ft. Rucker Alabama.  He served as a U.S. army aviator in Korea and Germany from 1969-1971.

Aviation Certificates Held

Airline Transport Pilot

Certified Flight Instructor

FAA Designated Pilot Examiner

Airplane Multiengine Land Airplane Single and Multiengine Airline Transport Pilot
CE-500, LR-Jet Instrument Airplane Private, Commercial, Instrument

Commercial Privileges

  Airplane Multiengine Land
Airplane Single Engine Land   Initial Flight Instructor
Airplane Single Engine   Sea   Instrument Flight Instructor
Rotorcraft-Helicopter   Multiengine Flight Instructor

Private Privileges


Additional Professional Activities

FAA Designated Pilot Proficiency Examiner

FAA Accident Prevention Counselor

Manager of International Air Ambulance Company 1981 to 1989

Appointed to State of Florida EMS Council 1986

Appointed as Chairman Air Ambulance Legislative Committee EMS Council 1986 Graduated from Broward Community College Florida Licensed EMT/Paramedic 1987
Appointed as Chairman State EMS Plan Committee of  EMS Council 1986 Elected as Vice Chairman, FL State EMS Council - 1987 Guest Speaker - National Association of State EMS Directors Annual Meeting in Travis City, MI 1987
Member and Speaker of Medical Systems Specialist Team, Citizens Ambassador Program, Peoples Republic of China 1987 Guest Speaker - National Association of State EMS Directors Annual Meeting in Boston, MA 1988 Appointed to Broward County Florida EMS Council 1988

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