Plan of Action Inc. is a rapidly growing company specializing in Custom, Affordable, Web Site Design and Hosting Services.  Founded by Walter Muharsky in 1996, Plan of Action has grown from a computer graphics company to this multi-level service corporation in a short period of time.  Walter has a background in computer programming dating back to 1981.  He also has an extensive background in Corporate Aviation and has previously served  as an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner conducting flight tests for pilot certifications from Private Pilot to Airline Transport Pilot. 

The rapid growth of Plan of Action Inc. has come from our personal service provided to each and every customer.  Our unique one price policy allows you to update your site monthly at no additional charge.  For rapidly changing business, this service is invaluable.  This one price policy also includes your site being registered with over 900 search engines worldwide at no additional cost.

Already have a web site online?  Many of our current customers already had a web site up and running with another service.   Due to Plan of Action Inc.'s affordable pricing, unique site designs, and free web promotion service, they found it cost effective to have us completely redesign and host their sites.


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